Trailer 3: Grub St.

Trailer 3

Grub St. 

  1. The documentaries were the best
  2. More time with these fools
  3. Gangster fairytales
  4. Of bodies and tools
  5. I’ll get you a gun
  6. I’ve one under the bed
  7. I sleep with it each night
  8. Once the unicorn is fed
  9. Joyride a car to order
  10. Have it crashed by a night owl
  11. We’ll paint you a picture Mister
  12. You fuckin Dublin gowl
  13. They’re overcome with emotion
  14. From the fear to the rush
  15. We roll our eyes and laugh
  16. At their faces so flush
  17. Then they leave too
  18. Back up the motorway
  19. Delighted with themselves
  20. And another pay day
  21. When it came to exports
  22. We just had crime to declare
  23. We had a world dance champ
  24. But they just didn’t care
  25. Gangland was box office
  26. Of a ghetto beware
  27. Hard men and tyrants
  28. Fêted with flair