Trailer 2: ReGenland

Trailer 2


  1. They hose the dead home
  2. And stand in the quagmire
  3. The horrors of progress
  4. One massive bonfire
  5. Burnt out houses
  6. Boarded up homes
  7. Rats roaming free
  8. Chewing on fat tomes
  9. Fat tomes of the Master Plan
  10. ReGen’s holy grail
  11. The fetish of mandarins
  12. Back in the Pale
  13. They rewrote it a few times
  14. Depending on politics
  15. Whenever that Trichet
  16. Had Kathleen turn tricks
  17. After destroying half the community
  18. Our dreams and our hopes
  19. They decide they’ll stop
  20. And feed us more tropes
  21. Tropes about taking stock
  22. Imagining a third way
  23. Where everyone is delighted
  24. Dancing in a cabaret
  25. It’s worse now than ever
  26. As bad as Baghdad
  27. Ten years and counting
  28. A forgotten fad
  29. The firemen look around
  30. And survey with disdain
  31. The point of my actions
  32. In my own domain
  33. Then they go home
  34. To Castletroy or Dooradoyle
  35. Warm homes and warm food
  36. Lamenting their toil
  37. What they’d seen from us
  38. The feral actions of youth
  39. Raging and wild
  40. Not far from the truth
  41. Soon they’d forget
  42. Like everyone else who’s paid
  43. To clock in and clock out
  44. And deliver us aid
  45. The firemen would get thanks
  46. With rocks through the sky
  47. Wiping away that smugness
  48. And righteousness lie