Trailer 1: Bankers

Trailer 1


  1. No joyrider ruined the country
  2. No dealer broke the bank
  3. No shoplifter shut Anglo
  4. Caused the economy to tank
  5. The developers, the bankers
  6. The politicians, the ‘hoes
  7. Sold the country for a song
  8. And the emperor’s clothes
  9. They thought they were touched
  10. Embodied the Black Swan
  11. Soaring like Icarus
  12. Above waves of Chandon
  13. What happened to those criminals?
  14. Where were the Shades?
  15. Justice in this country
  16. Is just a horse trade
  17. My door is kicked in
  18. For a small bag of dope
  19. ‘White collar crime’?
  20. Just another trope
  21. 200,000,000,000 euros
  22. That’s the scale of their crime
  23. The laughs and the jollies
  24. As they partied the whole time
  25. But is it us or the bankers
  26. Who ends up in jail?
  27. Who cares if the posh boys were guilty
  28. Or the clear paper trail?
  29. They sailed into the sunset
  30. With bags full of loot
  31. Retired or went to college
  32. All far from destitute
  33. The fate of the nameless
  34. The roots of our plight
  35. Were never of real interest
  36. To those talking shite
  37. ‘Regeneration’ was the answer
  38. The goose and golden egg
  39. Manna from heaven
  40. A panacea bootleg