Trailer 1: Pigtown (Live: Edinburgh, August 19)

Trailer 1


  1. There were a few workers

  2. Across the road

  3. They’d been there for weeks

  4. Getting paid a load

  5. I asked for the boss

  6. In my most confident tone

  7. He was over by a jeep

  8. Shouting in a phone

  9. I walked across

  10. With my head held high

  11. He stopped his talking

  12. And faced me with a sigh

  13. “My name is Dylan                     

  14. I’ve got a course done

  15. I’m loyal and hardworking 

  16. Both second to none”

  17. “A job?” He said

  18. In disparaging staccato

  19. As if looking at his dick

  20. And suggesting I blow

  21. He went back to his call

  22. And left me where I stood

  23. That could have been my break

  24. If he only would