Trailer 4: Gangland

Trailer 4


  1. Like so much else here
  2. There was another era
  3. Free from fear
  4. And the drugs’ chimera
  5. The tracks were a getaway
  6. And a coming of age
  7. My parents’ generation
  8. Finding a stage
  9. So much would happen
  10. To tarnish that shine
  11. The tracks became a dark place
  12. of sinister rhyme
  13. The depths of that evil
  14. Was coming around
  15. James openly wept
  16. As he fell to the ground
  17. He pleaded like a child
  18. For mercy or reprieve
  19. Soiling the earth
  20. He knew he’d never leave
  21. There’s so much hidden
  22. Buried in that soil
  23. Secrets under bodies
  24. A macabre toil
  25. You leave us to rot
  26. Alone with these thugs
  27. Band-aid solutions
  28. And collective shrugs
  29. Down by the train tracks
  30. You’ll hear no funeral knell
  31. See no grave stone or markings
  32. Where James quickly fell
  33. But if you listen real careful
  34. A sound so deprave
  35. The gentle faint thud
  36. Of a man digging his own grave