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William Priestley                         Author

William is the author and creative director of 'Inferno, Kid'.  For the last fifteen years, he has worked in with at-risk young people and their families in both America and Ireland. William has contributed to national policy, presented before the OECD and delivered a vision of empowerment from the TED stage. Originally from Dublin, he has lived in Limerick City for almost ten years. 

Chris Power                                 Vocals

Chris was born in West Ham in London but moved to Limerick the next year. He always had a great interest in words and has been a songwriter from a young age. Chris is an accomplished vocal artist outside of music and has done various freelance work. In 2018 he completed his studies in 'Music Technology and Sound Production'. He is based in Limerick but travels regularly around the country.  

Gary O'Donnell                        Artist

Gary O Donnell is a Limerick born illustrator who has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He has worked for numerous independent comic publishers including Caruso Comics, Phoenix Press, Green Monkey Comics and Futurequake. He also stays busy writing and drawing his own stories which he intend to publish soon. You can check out some of his work on his Facebook art page here   and his Artstation page here

Dominic Chappell                       Sound  

Dominic Chappell directs Music Hub Studios, Limerick. Originally from 'The Treaty County', Dominic has been working in sound engineering for over ten years and has collaborated with a wide array of musicians. He has a strong commitment to the community and leads a number of initiatives to make Music Hub Studios more accessible to all. He recorded, composed, mixed and produced all of the audio for 'Inferno, Kid'.

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