‘Inferno, Kid’ is a coming of age story on a path strewn with vice, danger and vanquished hope.

'Inferno, Kid' has evolved from a written text to both a spoken word piece and an animation.

'Inferno, Kid' tells the story of a young man, Dylan, on the margins of modern society. His world is one of angst, bravado and desolation. The scene is set in and around 'The Street': a fictitious area based on four marginalised communities in Limerick City, on the west coast of Ireland. These areas became synonymous with grinding poverty and gangland crime at the turn of the twenty-first century. In 2007 a 'Regeneration Programme' was launched by the Irish government to combat these problems. 'Inferno, Kid' is inspired by the real life events during this project (2007-2016) and offers a gritty window into poverty, crime and social policy. 


Inferno’ was the first part of Dante’s 14th- century epic poem, ‘Divine Comedy’. It opens with the poet lost in a dark wood astray from the way of salvation. Wandering in the darkness, Dante realises that three fierce beasts are stalking him, slavering in anticipation. Dante cries out for divine intervention. His prayers are answered by the apparition of Virgil: a poet who had died more than a thousand years earlier. The good news is that there is a way out of the dark wood. The bad news is that this way leads through the ‘Nine Circles of Hell’.

‘Kid’ is a colloquial form of address in Limerick. A friend or acquaintance would be warmly greeted with ‘Alright, the Kid’.